Studio build Part 02 – Holloway Lightbox

The build is fantastically underway now. It's been eventful and an incredibly steep learning curve. This is what I have had time to document so far, from the concrete pour to huge 3m x 1m window going in. With a few gaps, while I have been doing shoots elsewhere.


The first few shots are of the early morning concrete pour with four key members of Studio Bark; Wilf, Steph, Nick and Wilson. All fantastically hard working and individually exploding with building and architectural knowledge.


After that you start to see some new faces. This is because the build itself is being run as part of Construction Week 2015 working with students from UEL. They are learning to construct a timber framed building and concrete casting among many other things. They are currently out there in the rain fitting all of the insulation. There’s a lot.


The huge sliding door is being fitted tomorrow. It is very much going to live up to it’s name ‘Lightbox’.


See first post.

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