Studio build – Holloway Lightbox

After two year of planning, moving house and designing, the studio build is underway. Courtesy of the amazing team a Studio Bark. A very exciting time for me. After many years I will finally have the perfect space in which to work, shoot, test and play.

From Monday 12th - Friday 23rd of October I will be testing out the light (which has been expertly planned). Anyone who wants a headshot or any type of portrait for the massively reduced price of £120 please email to book a session, quoting LIGHTBOX. Please press SHARE as many times as you possibly can and pass this on to anyone you know. The LIGHTBOX offer is open to, friends of friends and their friends too. Or anyone that reads this blog. It’s still pretty new with a small following.

This is a few shots of the build so far. I will be adding to this post over the coming weeks. Concrete base being pour tomorrow.

See the next post.

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