A series of portraits to celebrate neurodiversity


‘Neurodiversity is a concept and social movement that advocates for viewing autism, ADHD, hydrocephalus, dyspraxia, and dyslexia (but a few) as a variation of human wiring, rather than a disease.’


Everyone of these people are both high functioning and highly regarded in many ways. We should want to be like them, befriend or employ them. They are fantastically able in so many ways.


A subject close to my own heart as someone with severe dyslexia – this is a long project which will be an exhibition celebrating the skills and attributes of people who are neurodiverse whilst raising awareness and informing others how neurodiverse people have unique skills to offer the world across multiple areas and disciplines. An informative celebration.


The world is starting to pay attention to the fact that many people have different brains and shouldn’t have to pretend they are like everyone else. This is my chance to learn about about many areas I haven’t come across before, while taking portraits of fantastic people. In my one tiny way helping to change opinion, inspire and encourage. This is the next frontier of inclusivity.


My first thoughts when devising this project:

The world is made of so much diversity, not all visible.

When I was approached to by Leena Haque about being part of her extraordinary neuro-diversity event at the BBC I was moved and excited that she found this little site and wanted me to be involved. Then thinking about the project I kept hitting walls of stereotype and cliched references in my head and from the wider world. How do you visually represent neuro-diversity? Then I realised that you can’t, not accurately, not individually, nor can anyone else, that’s the point. It’s invisable.

This will be a series of portraits of individuals with neuro-differences that you cannot see, I may encounter them when working with each sitter but will not try and represent them in any way, nor will I try and hide it. I will see what the world does. How the person projects themselves to the world.

I want to fill a room with asperational neurodiverse people for both neurodiverse and neurotypicle adults and children alike acomponed by their stories. To see, to think about, to inspire. 


I am currently taking one portrait every week or two. If you would like to be involved or recommend someone, then please get in touch.


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