Introduction – Why this blog site

I am a dyslexic. I spell things wrong. I tend to avoid reading. I believe this makes me different, a creative, a problem solver and more. This blog site is a portal for me to share work and thoughts with you.


Parts of it will be about me; my history from assistant to photographer, via lighting designer and digital operator.  Some of it will be about photography; tips, advice, shortcuts, lessons, kit. And some of it will be pictures; mainly mine, occasionally others I’m connected with, good ones bad ones… But this blog is about more than that for me, it’s my story, accompanied by the spelling mistakes.


For years I have been afraid to do a blog because it creates a burden on the people closest to me – checking through what I do. How do I spell that? What does it start with? (the second letter is sometimes more difficult than you may think) Spell check is often useless to me as I can’t find the start of a word or read the difference between some words. As the dyslexic journalist AA Gill pointed out, you’re the people who thought it was a smart idea to spell phonetically with a “ph”, (I’ve learnt that one now, but it was a struggle). Other people are better than me at spelling. It’s simple. They get how the words work.


This is my blog. My head on your screens. I have finally plucked up the courage to just do what I want, even if it leaves me open to ridicule. It will be spelt wrong because I’m dyslexic – I’m too old to ask my mum anymore and I want my wife to earn her living writing screenplays, acting and lecturing, not spell checking my blog – but it will have lots of useful information about the photography – that’s what I know about.


Please enjoy my portal for creative output and knowledge sharing, from a proud dyslexic who believes dyslexia and creativity go hand in hand.

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