Ice and Fire Theatre

I have worked for Ice and Fire on a number of occasions; from a play many moons ago called On The Record directed by Mike Longhurst, to their most recent work; The Island Nation

The first set of dress rehearsal shots are from The Island Nation is about the 26-year civil war between the government and the Tamil Tigers coming to an end. The UN, the media and all other independent witnesses are barred from entering the war zone. What happens thereafter is the biggest unreported war story of this century.

Then a poster I shot and retouched for The Nine O’Clock Slotbased on true-life accounts where the disturbing rise in the number of so-called ‘paupers’ funerals’ in modern-day Britain in this experimental piece that retraced the stories of four individuals buried in the same communal grave.

Finally dress rehearsal shots from On The Record, Combining searing verbatim testimony with dramatic reconstruction, On the Record circumnavigates the globe to explore true stories of six independent journalists, all linked by their determination to shed light on the truth.

It is always a pleasure working for Ice and Fire, playing a small part in the great work that they do.


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