Being a dyslexic photographer

I have no idea what it is to be a dyslexic photographer, I just know what it is like to be me. I think that being dyslexic has made me compensate in other ways. Visually, often taking the long way round rather than read or write or the almost impossible task that is, learning to spell. This may be a chicken and egg scenario; am I dyslexic, therefore have to become more visually and spatially aware or am I more of a ‘pictures person’ who wasn’t that good a reading therefore stuck to the easy stuff getting much better at it while seriously neglecting the literacy.


I dont want anyone to think that I am not truly dyslexic. I just don’t think that anyone fully understands what it is yet. At the moment its beeing said that it affects one in ten of us. I’m just suggesting that it may be multiple things that effect 10%, not just one badly spelt word.


When I was at 6th form college (2000 – 2002) I had my own special appointment with an educational psychologist who put me through my paces showing me cards, cubes, letters, words and shapes. Saying things like ‘pick which one is this 3D shape from another angle’. She, at the end of the session, after totting up her notes told me that I was classified as having severe to very severe dyslexia. A bit of a blow to be very severe, reminded me of an illness one does not recover from. She then went on to say that I also had a very high IQ (134 or 139 somewhere around that) and that I could get into mensa with that. Score! I had no idea what menca was at the time and had to ask. Looking back, what a way to cussion bad news. Ya can’t read or write and now its official but…. You’re quite clever. I kinda wish that she told every person with this. Because it felt really good to hear and I think I have been privately dining out on that comment ever since.



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