How to take better pictures

I didn’t quite realise how much this one title would blow my mind. Its phenomenally large. It can be subdivided into loads of categories and forms, with multiple areas to concentrate on, with numerous outcomes.   For those of you who want a really quick fix, here goes nothing:   Stop and think, don’t let moments pass you by but, if your subject is hanging about then take a moment to think about what you are taking a photo of. If however it’s moving fast then you would probably be wise to try and predict where it’s going, frame and focus up and wait for it to come into you well composed frame.   Think about what’s filling your frame. Ask yourself what is the bare minimum you want to see within your composition and only shoot that. Less is more.   Don’t be lazy. If you think that your shot will be better if you lay down or walk to the other side of something, then you’re probably right. Try it.   Keep thinking. Continually ask yourself questions. what am I looking at, is it interesting, what’s the light doing, am I holding the camera steady, where is the […]

The rule of thirds.

There are many ways to take better pictures but one of my favorites to obey it the 'rule of thirds'.   Imagine your frame is divided into 3 equal sections both from left to right and top to bottom. Try to line up important elements in your frame with these imaginary lines. Place your horizon 2/3rds down the frame, or a building within a landscape off to the right, hitting the vertical third line. Even with a focal object being dissected by two lines.   Although this is called a 'rule', if you practice framing like this enough, in time your eye will learn when it's possible to push and even break this rule. Just have a play around.