Merry Christmas

Ice and Fire Theatre

I have worked for Ice and Fire on a number of occasions; from a play many moons ago called On The Record directed by Mike Longhurst, to their most recent work; The Island Nation.  The first set of dress rehearsal shots are from The Island Nation is about the 26-year civil war between the government and the Tamil Tigers coming to an end. The UN, the media and all other independent witnesses are barred from entering the war zone. What happens thereafter is the biggest unreported war story of this century. Then a poster I shot and retouched for The Nine O’Clock Slot, based on true-life accounts where the disturbing rise in the number of so-called ‘paupers’ funerals’ in modern-day Britain in this experimental piece that retraced the stories of four individuals buried in the same communal grave. Finally dress rehearsal shots from On The Record, Combining searing verbatim testimony with dramatic reconstruction, On the Record circumnavigates the globe to explore true stories of six independent journalists, all linked by their determination to shed light on the truth. It is always a pleasure working for Ice and Fire, playing a small part in the great work that they do.  

Stylist Live

I was recently commissioned to cover the catwalk at Stylist Live. Here are some of the shots form backstage preparation and into the catwalk. The job was great fun. I love a bit of documentary.

Jim Broadbent

A short while ago I was asked to to do a portrait of Jim Bradbent. He his sutch a lovely Gent and an absolute pro. A joy to shoot. 


For the past five years I have been going to the BAFTA’s. I have never been nominated for an academy award but I have had 5 consecutive, access all areas passes. I have had the privilege of being stationed on the in the wings to the right of the stage practically on the red carpet. I’m often one of the first people the award winners see after exiting the stage. Elated and dumfounded they pass, often stopping in front of my table for chats or photos. This prime real-estate has offered up some unforgettable moments, from Helena Bonham Carter a doing some kind of weird curtsy/bow at me (she must have been pretty distracted), after being asked why everyone keeps smiling at my assistant; Russell Crowe replying ‘coz he’s got a winning smile’ looking down at me sitting to his right (that moment caught below, Brad and Angelina so happy for Barkhad Abdi (the Somali actor from captain phillips) for winning best supporting, to my favorite moment, when Meryl Streep came off stage asking if anyone had any gaffer tape. I had some and ended up fixing (padding out) her shoe. Unbeknown to me she had just lost it on […]

Carousel – Restaurant shoot

A few weeks ago I was asked to come and do a shoot for Carousel, A Marylebone restaurant that rotates fantastic chef's every two weeks.   I initially thought I was doing a quick portrait of a chef, It turns out that not only were there two of them but the owners wanted me to shoot the food and document the prep into service. I really enjoyed the job and hope that although a little uninformed I hope you think I rose to the challenge. I was really pleased with the results. It was quite hard to chose a few from hours of shooting.  

Will Gould  – Personal trainer

Will is a personal trainer that asked me to photograph him mainly for his Instagram. After finding out about Will as a personal trainer, how he concentrates on overall fitness as opposed to getting all serious about how much weight people can press. His own personal fitness regime mainly involves circuits and stamina exercises.   When talking to Will it is obvious that he not only has a different, more human approach to fitness, he is keen to make it fun. It was obvious that this had to be reflected in the in the images. As he was mainly wanting the photos for Instagram I decided to get him a huge amount of images, he could do one post a day for the next two years without having to do another shoot if he choses to.

Studio build – Holloway Lightbox

After two year of planning, moving house and designing, the studio build is underway. Courtesy of the amazing team a Studio Bark. A very exciting time for me. After many years I will finally have the perfect space in which to work, shoot, test and play. From Monday 12th - Friday 23rd of October I will be testing out the light (which has been expertly planned). Anyone who wants a headshot or any type of portrait for the massively reduced price of £120 please email to book a session, quoting LIGHTBOX. Please press SHARE as many times as you possibly can and pass this on to anyone you know. The LIGHTBOX offer is open to, friends of friends and their friends too. Or anyone that reads this blog. It’s still pretty new with a small following. This is a few shots of the build so far. I will be adding to this post over the coming weeks. Concrete base being pour tomorrow. See the next post.

Ten years

I'm currently working on a project that i'm calling 'ten years'. Its a portrait project where I have talked to someone about their life and plans for the next ten years. Within the image I have tried to represent elements of their current situation and a little of their plans for the future. I will then revisit the same person in ten years time and take another portrait.   For me this project is as much about self reflection on time as it hopefully is for my subject. I have started the project just after my daughter turned one. She will be ten when I revisit the first few people again, I am under the assumption that as much will have changed for me as it will for them. New paths forged and exciting new avenues explored.   The project and its own journey has now been placed out of my control by the first sitter recommending the next and so on.  

Holloway Lightbox – Studio build 03 – Tiling

The final stage of the build is complete. My fantastically amazing studio has its clothes on.   The team at Studio Bark have poured there hearts, soles and creative energy into these amazing concrete tiles and they look fantastic. I’m just ecstatic with my new studio.   For now I’m going to hold off on the final shots until the garden landscaping is done and I can take a photo that will do it justice. If you want to see the finished building, for now you will have to book in for a portrait.   I am also putting together a time-lapse from beginning to end. But for now lets get to work…