Jewish Museum

Over the last year I have been asked to do quite a few shoots for the Jewish Museum in Camden, who have some fantastic exhibitions. I’ve been honoured that they’ve asked me back to photograph their private views.   The fantastic Jane Franklin who used to employ me to snap press-nights at Hampstead Theatre, after moving to the Jewish Museum asked me to document a show and talk called ‘Blood’ by Tom Piper (Tower of London poppies man). Since then I have documented ‘Through a Queer Lens: Portraits of LGBTQ Jews,’ Moses, Mods and Mr Fish: The Menswear Revolution – an insight into the history of men’s fashion from the dawn of Carnaby street to more recent. Next came Dorothy Bohm: Sixties London – captivating portraits and a talk about her life. She also gave me a signed copy of her book! And the last big exhibition was Jukebox, Jewkbox! A Century on Shellac and Vinyl – which was an astounding insight into music with an epic display of vinyl, accompanied by a huge lightbox diagonally spanning the room from end to end.   Above are some of my favourite pictures.   When I turned up to photograph a breakfast event last […]


A series of portraits to celebrate neurodiversity   ‘Neurodiversity is a concept and social movement that advocates for viewing autism, ADHD, hydrocephalus, dyspraxia, and dyslexia (but a few) as a variation of human wiring, rather than a disease.’   Everyone of these people are both high functioning and highly regarded in many ways. We should want to be like them, befriend or employ them. They are fantastically able in so many ways.   A subject close to my own heart as someone with severe dyslexia – this is a long project which will be an exhibition celebrating the skills and attributes of people who are neurodiverse whilst raising awareness and informing others how neurodiverse people have unique skills to offer the world across multiple areas and disciplines. An informative celebration.   The world is starting to pay attention to the fact that many people have different brains and shouldn’t have to pretend they are like everyone else. This is my chance to learn about about many areas I haven’t come across before, while taking portraits of fantastic people. In my one tiny way helping to change opinion, inspire and encourage. This is the next frontier of inclusivity.   My first […]

Carousel – Restaurant shoot

A few weeks ago I was asked to come and do a shoot for Carousel, A Marylebone restaurant that rotates fantastic chef's every two weeks.   I initially thought I was doing a quick portrait of a chef, It turns out that not only were there two of them but the owners wanted me to shoot the food and document the prep into service. I really enjoyed the job and hope that although a little uninformed I hope you think I rose to the challenge. I was really pleased with the results. It was quite hard to chose a few from hours of shooting.  

Ten years

I'm currently working on a project that i'm calling 'ten years'. Its a portrait project where I have talked to someone about their life and plans for the next ten years. Within the image I have tried to represent elements of their current situation and a little of their plans for the future. I will then revisit the same person in ten years time and take another portrait.   For me this project is as much about self reflection on time as it hopefully is for my subject. I have started the project just after my daughter turned one. She will be ten when I revisit the first few people again, I am under the assumption that as much will have changed for me as it will for them. New paths forged and exciting new avenues explored.   The project and its own journey has now been placed out of my control by the first sitter recommending the next and so on.  

Studio Lovelock – Interiors shoot +

A while ago I asked a friend of a friend, a fantastic designer, to quote me on a job and he suggested a trade. He was soon to open his new studio and would need some interior and lifestyle(ish) shots of their new Bermondsey base. ‘Studio Lovelock is a vibrant collective of designers, animators and developers driven by a passion for exploration, problem solving and craft’. If you're ever in need of some great design and lovely people, do pay them a visit.

Actors Headshots

  Taking headshots Since I started going out with an actress (now my wife and mother to my crazy one year old) I was asked to take headshots for both her and her friends.  Although at first I thought it was a lesser form of photography (I was in my early twenties and was currently assisting on major ad campaigns and celeb shoots) I soon came to love taking headshots. Its photography without all the usual time constraints, reduced budgets, and endless emails and phone calls. It’s relaxed portraiture. I really enjoy spending a few hours with the person, together getting a true representation of them.   I’ll tell you how I take them on another post at a later date.   I am currently building a studio that is specifically designed for headshots and portraiture. It is being designed by Wilf Meynell @ Studio Bark, I can't wait.