Introduction – Why this blog site

I am a dyslexic. I spell things wrong. I tend to avoid reading. I believe this makes me different, a creative, a problem solver and more. This blog site is a portal for me to share work and thoughts with you.   Parts of it will be about me; my history from assistant to photographer, via lighting designer and digital operator.¬† Some of it will be about photography; tips, advice, shortcuts, lessons, kit. And some of it will be pictures; mainly mine, occasionally others I’m connected with, good ones bad ones… But this blog is about more than that for me, it’s my story, accompanied by the spelling mistakes.   For years I have been afraid to do a blog because it creates a burden on the people closest to me – checking through what I do. How do I spell that? What does it start with? (the second letter is sometimes more difficult than you may think) Spell check is often useless to me as I can’t find the start of a word or read the difference between some words. As the dyslexic journalist AA Gill pointed out, you’re the people who thought it was a smart idea to […]

Studio build – Holloway Lightbox

After two year of planning, moving house and designing, the studio build is underway. Courtesy of the amazing team a Studio Bark. A very exciting time for me. After many years I will finally have the perfect space in which to work, shoot, test and play. From Monday 12th - Friday 23rd of October I will be testing out the light (which has been expertly planned). Anyone who wants a headshot or any type of portrait for the massively reduced price of £120 please email to book a session, quoting LIGHTBOX. Please press SHARE as many times as you possibly can and pass this on to anyone you know. The LIGHTBOX offer is open to, friends of friends and their friends too. Or anyone that reads this blog. It’s still pretty new with a small following. This is a few shots of the build so far. I will be adding to this post over the coming weeks. Concrete base being pour tomorrow. See the next post.

Holloway Lightbox – Studio build 03 – Tiling

The final stage of the build is complete. My fantastically amazing studio has its clothes on.   The team at Studio Bark¬†have poured there hearts, soles and creative energy into these amazing concrete tiles and they look fantastic. I’m just ecstatic with my new studio.   For now I’m going to hold off on the final shots until the garden landscaping is done and I can take a photo that will do it justice. If you want to see the finished building, for now you will have to book in for a portrait.   I am also putting together a time-lapse from beginning to end. But for now lets get to work…

My story – post 01

I’m not really sure how to go about this. I suppose I’ll just keep writing, then post one bit at a time. I’ll just start at the beginning and go from there. I shall do my best to keep in a lot of detail (for those of you who may be interested) without boring the socks off the rest of you.   From a young age I spent a lot of time frustrated by many things thought in the classroom. I understood what was going on but couldn’t seem to retain the information other children could. This made me boisterous and very easily distracted. A slippery slope for someone who finds retaining linguistic information tricky.   It wasn’t till much later that I discovered that ‘practice makes perfect’. In my case I could never be perfect but I did, and still do get better the more I read and write. Whether it was forcing myself to read literature far beyond my capabilities in photography degree, reading about dyaspora and semiotics or my most recent practice, reading my one year old daughter bedtime stories.   I was lucky enough to be recognised as dyslexic at a really young age. I was […]

Studio build Part 02 – Holloway Lightbox

The build is fantastically underway now. It's been eventful and an incredibly steep learning curve. This is what I have had time to document so far, from the concrete pour to huge 3m x 1m window going in. With a few gaps, while I have been doing shoots elsewhere.   The first few shots are of the early morning concrete pour with four key members of Studio Bark; Wilf, Steph, Nick and Wilson. All fantastically hard working and individually exploding with building and architectural knowledge.   After that you start to see some new faces. This is because the build itself is being run as part of Construction Week 2015 working with students from UEL. They are learning to construct a timber framed building and concrete casting among many other things. They are currently out there in the rain fitting all of the insulation. There’s a lot.   The huge sliding door is being fitted tomorrow. It is very much going to live up to it’s name ‘Lightbox’.   See first post.

Being a dyslexic photographer

I have no idea what it is to be a dyslexic photographer, I just know what it is like to be me. I think that being dyslexic has made me compensate in other ways. Visually, often taking the long way round rather than read or write or the almost impossible task that is, learning to spell. This may be a chicken and egg scenario; am I dyslexic, therefore have to become more visually and spatially aware or am I more of a ‘pictures person’ who wasn’t that good a reading therefore stuck to the easy stuff getting much better at it while seriously neglecting the literacy.   I dont want anyone to think that I am not truly dyslexic. I just don’t think that anyone fully understands what it is yet. At the moment its beeing said that it affects one in ten of us. I’m just suggesting that it may be multiple things that effect 10%, not just one badly spelt word.   When I was at 6th form college (2000 – 2002) I had my own special appointment with an educational psychologist who put me through my paces showing me cards, cubes, letters, words and shapes. Saying things […]