A series of portraits to celebrate neurodiversity   ‘Neurodiversity is a concept and social movement that advocates for viewing autism, ADHD, hydrocephalus, dyspraxia, and dyslexia (but a few) as a variation of human wiring, rather than a disease.’   Everyone of these people are both high functioning and highly regarded in many ways. We should want to be like them, befriend or employ them. They are fantastically able in so many ways.   A subject close to my own heart as someone with severe dyslexia – this is a long project which will be an exhibition celebrating the skills and attributes of people who are neurodiverse whilst raising awareness and informing others how neurodiverse people have unique skills to offer the world across multiple areas and disciplines. An informative celebration.   The world is starting to pay attention to the fact that many people have different brains and shouldn’t have to pretend they are like everyone else. This is my chance to learn about about many areas I haven’t come across before, while taking portraits of fantastic people. In my one tiny way helping to change opinion, inspire and encourage. This is the next frontier of inclusivity.   My first […]

Introduction – Why this blog site

I am a dyslexic. I spell things wrong. I tend to avoid reading. I believe this makes me different, a creative, a problem solver and more. This blog site is a portal for me to share work and thoughts with you.   Parts of it will be about me; my history from assistant to photographer, via lighting designer and digital operator.  Some of it will be about photography; tips, advice, shortcuts, lessons, kit. And some of it will be pictures; mainly mine, occasionally others I’m connected with, good ones bad ones… But this blog is about more than that for me, it’s my story, accompanied by the spelling mistakes.   For years I have been afraid to do a blog because it creates a burden on the people closest to me – checking through what I do. How do I spell that? What does it start with? (the second letter is sometimes more difficult than you may think) Spell check is often useless to me as I can’t find the start of a word or read the difference between some words. As the dyslexic journalist AA Gill pointed out, you’re the people who thought it was a smart idea to […]

Dyslexic spies: There are benefits worth waiting for

Last year I came across this article by Oliver Wright on the Independent’s website. It spoke to the teenage me that played up in class, hoping to get sent out, therefor avoiding spellings. It’s a great read and inspiring to all who suffer with dyslexia.   ‘It may have been more than 30 years ago now but the weekly misery of English spelling tests is still engrained in my mind. Nesesery. Becose. Rerly. Thort. Or, for that matter, speling itself. Each week – it was a Tuesday morning, as far I remember – we would spend the first 15 minutes of the lesson being tested on 20 random words. The papers would then be passed around the room for other children to mark. Each week, without exception, I would score 2,3,5 out of 20 (although on one particular memorable occasion I managed zero). The humiliation was compounded by the format: everyone else in the class new (deliberate mistake) exactly how badly I’d done. But then no one in those days knew much about dyslexia. In the words of my teachers, I was “careless”, “didn’t concentrate” or, if they were feeling irritated, “lazy”. I had a problem without an explanation for […]

What is dyslexia? Video

What is dyslexia? is a video by Kelli Sandman-Hurley that I originally came across in an article when doing my research for this site. The original place I found it was here on Upworthy. Its a nice little video that gives some idea or what its like to be dyslexic. Or at least a point of view.

Being a dyslexic photographer

I have no idea what it is to be a dyslexic photographer, I just know what it is like to be me. I think that being dyslexic has made me compensate in other ways. Visually, often taking the long way round rather than read or write or the almost impossible task that is, learning to spell. This may be a chicken and egg scenario; am I dyslexic, therefore have to become more visually and spatially aware or am I more of a ‘pictures person’ who wasn’t that good a reading therefore stuck to the easy stuff getting much better at it while seriously neglecting the literacy.   I dont want anyone to think that I am not truly dyslexic. I just don’t think that anyone fully understands what it is yet. At the moment its beeing said that it affects one in ten of us. I’m just suggesting that it may be multiple things that effect 10%, not just one badly spelt word.   When I was at 6th form college (2000 – 2002) I had my own special appointment with an educational psychologist who put me through my paces showing me cards, cubes, letters, words and shapes. Saying things […]